One Thing at a Time

Santa Cruz **** I call my mother from a payphone in the Santa Cruz foothills, listen to the dial tone and watch the moths flutter near the skinny porchlight of the ranger station. ** I got here safely. There’s no cell signal. The Redwoods hold the dark like an infant, and they are raising it […]

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Halloween Spell

Scallop broad, Tazgul tail, Bring bristling Knashing golf-ball hail To Jack O Lantern’s Yellow Gleam, Icy steps Flashlight beams. Rascal wrought- iron Rose and poppy dreams. XX Chocolate bars, White -holed sheets. Scissored labor, Penny-saver. Gravy-graver. Maybe later? Bright as ever. Halloween.

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Elegy and Praise Hymn

If ever I dream of the crooked trees green around the trunks, dripping water from their twigs, believe me, I’ve found the spot for my burial. *** It’s quiet in October on the narrow suburb streets with leaves resting under 10-year-old cars. *** I go running at four, and travel through dusk. My knuckles are […]

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Everything about this dream is electrifying –             the bolts, the ocean, the seaweed dying. There are faces in the lighthouse window –             Sleep on. Carry on. orange faces with sea urchin teeth.             Keep smiling. Keep calm. We’re dying to traverse mountains and undead to traverse canyons. The faces follow us down wide […]


Dream Catcher Man

tells us the bad ones you trapped in your web – nightmares on dark purple sky days. Pure purple is make believe. Those clouds have blue undertoned edges – they’re stone cold, the puffed vapor more real than head dreams caught, strung in heart strings of hung traps.

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Swinging Lanterns

Sleep well or stay up and see flames make red hues – a vigil throwing up hearth fire over June frost. *** High summer cloud spread bonfire burnt wood on North beach. We drive away at 3:10 AM. The lighthouse spins, cuts and shines through thick fog. Just due west, lost thoughts lurk deep on […]

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